Brad Huang

Brad Huang

Chinese Canadian. Software Engineer. uWaterloo Senior. Crypto. Dog Bro.

About Me

Excited for everything technology has to offer. I enjoy building large-scale distributed systems, versatile web applications, sustainable energy-related apps and algorithms, and random tools.


Citadel - SWE Intern

Something exciting. Coming soon.

Observe Inc. - SWE Intern

Tempo-relational database feature implementation, large-scale query plan caching, optimization, and visualization.

University of Waterloo - Researcher

Research in algorithms that predict hourly electricity usage and estimate optimized cost for solar panels for both commercial and residential users. Publication to ACM e-Energy conference pending.

Snowflake - SWE Intern

Monitoring & alerting. Petabyte-scale SQL query optimizers.

Apple - SWE Intern

Big data analytics on user engagement, feature success, and system stability metrics for Siri.


Distributed Systems & Databases

Docker, K8s, Snowflake, Spark, MongoDB, PostreSQL, MySQL.

Statistics & Machine Learning

Deep Learning, Linear Regression, Gradient Descent Techniques, Game Theory.


C++, Java, Golang, Python, JavaScript (ES6+).